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Helpful Links

The veterinary resources featured on this page provide useful information to pet owners on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care.

  • The Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study
    Accepting applications from humans who share their lives with Golden Retrievers. The study looks at how lifestyle, diet, and exercise affect the longevity of this special breed. Applicants are asked to remain in the program for the duration of the dog's life. Benefits include reimbursement for yearly exams, lab work, etc. Please go online at the Morris Animal Foundation to register.

    Search under the vet listing and click on our name. The Morris Animal Foundation will then contact us to ensure that your pet qualifies for the study. We look forward to helping your pet live a long, healthy, and happy life.


  • Tumbleweed Country Kennels
    A large country facility located south of Colorado Springs, with separate areas for small, medium, and large dogs, and a cattery and exotics isolation rooms that are away from the dog areas. Their highly trained staff is there to help your beloved pet have a happy comfortable stay and go home rested and happy.

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  • Troop Swap.
    Fountain Valley Animal Hospital is proud to join Troop Swap, a listing of local and national businesses that show their appreciation for a life of service by offering exclusive deals and discounts to military personnel. Troop Swap believes a life of service should have its perks!
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