Preventative Care

Immunizations are the first step in a preventative health-care program for your pet. Whether young or old, many common, contagious diseases can be easily and inexpensively prevented with a comprehensive vaccination program. Different life stages and different breeds of both dogs and cats are susceptible to specific diseases. Our staff will take the time to discuss your pet's lifestyle and needs to build the vaccination protocol that is right for them. Although vaccinating your puppy or kitten when it's young (starting at 9 weeks) gives it the best chance of protection, it's never too late to get your pet started. Make an appointment for your puppy or kitten today and avoid costly illnesses down the road.

Senior pets need the same kind of care and preventative medicine as young animals. Many of the diseases we commonly see in older animals could be better treated if diagnosed earlier -- sometimes even before clinical signs are seen at home. Determining if organs are functioning properly is very important before prescribing certain medications, or even performing some procedures. Undergoing anesthesia, for example, can carry a higher risk in an older animal simply because we don't know if there is underlying disease causing abnormal organ function. By taking advantage of our Senior Pet Wellness Package, you can provide the best preventative medicine for your aging pet, giving them many happy, healthy years with you.

Track Your Pet's Info Through Pet Portal

track your pet's information

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Sign up for a Pet Portal account with VetStreet and then log in to track your pet's medical history and view an extensive pet health library.

Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

track your pet's information

The Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is accepting applications from humans who share their lives with Golden Retrievers. The study looks at how lifestyle, diet, and exercise affect the longevity of this special breed. Applicants are asked to remain in the program for the duration of the dog's life. Benefits include reimbursement for yearly exams, labwork, etc. Please go online at the Morris Animal Foundation to register.

Search under the vet listing and click on our name. The Morris Animal Foundation will then contact us to ensure that your pet qualifies for the study. We look forward to helping your pet live a long, healthy, and happy life.



Your pet’s health is affected by the condition of their teeth and gums. When tartar builds up, bad breath is just one side effect. Tartar can cause an infection that may attack other major organs such as the heart. To make sure your pet lives a long and healthy life, we recommend you have their teeth cleaned at regular intervals, or whenever their teeth need attention.

From January 15 through March, we are offering 10% off on all dental cleanings. This includes blood work, anesthesia, and dental work. We look forward to seeing your pet to help you keep their teeth sparkling, their breath fresh, and their health the very best possible.

Our Special Offers and Discounts

our special offers and discounts

New Clients

For new clients we offer $5 off your first visit. See our New Clients page to print out the coupon. This offer is not to be used with other offers or discounts.

Senior & Military Discounts

Seniors: Receive 5% off on examinations and vaccines.

Military: Retired or active, receive 5% off your medical bill.

(Products and over-the-counter items are not covered)

Senior Pet Wellness Package

To help our senior pets remain healthy throughout their lives, we offer a wellness package on exam, X-rays, bloodwork, and urinalysis. Offered to dogs and cats 7 years or more of age.

Rescue Organization Discount

We believe that adopting pets is a great way to save lives and to find a friend for life. Please see us for further details.