The Fountain Valley Animal Hospital Team

The Doctors

Dr. Rachael, DVM, Owner

dr rachael

Dr. Rachael is originally from Minnesota where she spent summers fishing and winters indoors! She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire and graduated from Ross University as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2008.

She met her husband, the "other Dr. Fitzgerald", in vet school at Ross, which is located on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. They practiced in the Chicago area for 3 years but then decided to move West. They realized their dream of owning and running a clinic together in the fall of 2011 when they purchased Fountain Valley Animal Hospital.

Dr. Rachael and her husband, Dr. Devin, have enjoyed their time in Colorado, and pursue many of the outdoor activities the area has to offer. They have a three-year-old daughter named Aislin, and in May they welcomed another baby girl, Siobhan. In her free time, Dr. Rachael enjoys baking, reading, camping, and hiking with her dogs, two Golden Retrievers (Hawkeye and Chinook) and an “island mutt” (Phoenix).

Fun fact: Even though the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl, Dr. Rachael still bleeds Purple and Gold. She has a special interest in internal medicine, particularly endocrinology and cardiology.

Dr. Devin, DVM, Owner

dr devin

Dr. Devin grew up in Dallas, Texas, and from an early age he was interested in veterinary medicine. He has worked through every position in an animal hospital, from kennels to technician to vet. He even worked at reception for a day (never again).

Dr. Devin attended Colorado State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology. He went on to attend Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts. After completing his first three years of training, he finished his degree back at CSU.

While Dr. Devin was working on his veterinary degree at Ross, he met his future wife, Dr. Rachael. They moved from the Chicago area to sunny Colorado to pursue their dream of running a clinic together. They have two 2-legged kids (Aislin, three years old and Siobhan, 7 months old) and three 4-legged kids - Chinook, Hawkeye, and Phoenix.

In his spare time, Dr. Devin enjoys hiking, fishing, nature photography and brewing his own beer. He also judges beer competitions locally. Orthopedic surgery and ophthalmology are Dr. Devin's special interests.

dr devlin in the great outdoors devin and aislin

The Support Staff

Ashley Dennis
Veterinary Assistant

ellyn and Athena

Ashley is a recent addition to our team, and graduated from the veterinary assistant program at PIMA. She is originally from Missouri. She has two boys, Liam (6 years) and Luke (4 years) as well as a terrier mix named Scout (from a character in her favorite book). In her spare time, Ashley enjoys hiking, going to the movies and playing table top games with her family. Interesting fact about Ashley – she was a dairy cow judge in high school.

Athena and Cassey 

Alex Lanier
Office Manager/Receptionist

Alex Lanier

Alex has been with our team since the summer of 2012 and is the main receptionist and office manager. She has had extensive on-the-job training at Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital years ago when it was associated with our clinic. Alex and her husband John have two children, Zach (13 years) and Sidney (10 years). They also have five furry children, Mocha and Mojo (dogs) and Milo, Sprout, and Checkers (cats). In her free time, Alex enjoys going to the movies and listening to music.

Fun fact: Alex has "4 hands" ... she can pick up objects with her toes!

alex zach 

alex pets

Alyssa Russell
Veterinary Technician

Alyssa Russell

Alyssa has been a technician since 2012, when she graduated from PIMA medical institute. Born in Alamosa, Colorado, Alyssa enjoys camping, fishing, and loves to go on hikes with her dogs. She and her husband, Brent, have two dogs – Sophie, a miniature Schnauzer and Zoni, a Chihuahua. Alyssa really loves what she does, even though she is allergic to dogs! She has a special place in her heart for the senior dogs and cats that come in to see us.

Zoni Sophie and Zoni 

Jessica Stambaugh
Veterinary Assistant

jessica and flower

Jessica is a recent graduate of the PIMA veterinary assistant program, and has been with the team since November 2017. She was born and grew up here in the Springs. She has a cat named Philip and a hedgehog named Flower. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing, as well as the occasional game of Frisbee golf. Fun fact about Jessica – she and her family have been "rockhounding" in Colorado for years, finding everything from smokey quartz to amazonite!

jessica and a big trout phillip

Latrice Owens
Certified Veterinary Technician


Latrice was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She went to school at LaGuardia Community College, where she earned her degree in veterinary technology. She came to Colorado in 2011 and is now a certified technician here as well. Latrice has a Great Pyrenees named Greg, two cats named Beans and Mouse, and last but not least, Roland the guinea pig. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, knitting and gaming. Fun fact about Latrice … she plays roller derby with the Pikes Peak Derby Dames (so we don't mess with her!)